Project Infinity: Prototype 2 is nearing completion!

Hi everyone,

Despite how quiet we’ve been, we are happy to announce that our Prototye 2 phase is nearly complete. About 5 months ago we began working on the 2nd prototype for Project Infinity which includes many new features and bug fixes. Friday, February 13th 2015, will mark the completion of Prototype 2. Some changes have been listed below

Multiplayer Support – The game currently supports up to 200 concurrent users (CCU) per game server, a number that is expected to increase in future updates. The next version will support 1500 users per game server.

User Account Creation – Players may now create an account and log into the game

Chat – Players can now chat with other players. Only one chat channel is currently supported but this will be expanded in future updates.

Character Customization updates – The character creation system has been updated to allow players to include gender, classes (more classes to be announced!), 5 hairstyles, 5 hair colors, 5 faces, facial selection preview, armor preview, and animation previews. The next version of character customization will allow players to edit their body proportions using several sliders

Mobs & Factions – Players can now interact with different mobs and npcs of several different factions. Some will be friendly, while others will be neutral or enemies.

Crafting and Resource Gathering – A grid based Crafting system has been added allowing users to create items by going up to a Crafting Station and placing items in the grid. Crafting recipes will be released subsequently in later updates. Players can wander around the game world and collect resources from Resource Nodes and level up their resource gathering skill simultaneously. Resources despawn when they have been harvested and respawn again a bit later.

Player Housing – Functionality has been put in place that allows players to build housing using crafted materials. The system currently allows players to build anywhere in the game world. In future versions player housing will be restricted to certain zones.

Quad Tree System – A Quad Tree system has been added to split up the world and reduce the load on the game clients.

Loading in of mobs has been altered to reduce the big hit when a new node has been entered and the mobs inside are sent to the client.

Soft Targeting – A new targeting system has been implemented to add a more action-like feel to combat. A crosshair has been added and when an npc lies in the aim it will automatically be targeted for interaction or combat. More information on this to come.

PVP – Players can currently engage in PVP anywhere in the game world. This is only for testing, future version will restrict PVP to designated areas such as Arenas, Duels, and other battle zones.

Quests – Over 15 quests have been added to the game, though the current level cap is level 10.

These are only a few of the features added to the game in Prototype 2. There were also many back-end changes as well as dozens of bug fixes. Stay tuned for screen shots!

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