Project Infinity: Title change, Unity 5 support, and a Player Housing preview

Hey all,

Things have been moving fast the last few weeks for Project Infinity, now dubbed “Transcendia”

To start things off, Unity 5 was launched today and Transcendia is already upgraded to support the new features of Unity 5.


As you can see the game’s visuals have come quite a ways since conception…

Our next post will be a huge write up on the Player Housing system in its current capacity containing many images and explanations for how the system works. For now, check out some previews of the system below:

Transcendia3 Transcendia4 Transcendia2

Project Infinity: Prototype 2 is nearing completion!

Hi everyone,

Despite how quiet we’ve been, we are happy to announce that our Prototye 2 phase is nearly complete. About 5 months ago we began working on the 2nd prototype for Project Infinity which includes many new features and bug fixes. Friday, February 13th 2015, will mark the completion of Prototype 2. Some changes have been listed below

Multiplayer Support – The game currently supports up to 200 concurrent users (CCU) per game server, a number that is expected to increase in future updates. The next version will support 1500 users per game server.

User Account Creation – Players may now create an account and log into the game

Chat – Players can now chat with other players. Only one chat channel is currently supported but this will be expanded in future updates.

Character Customization updates – The character creation system has been updated to allow players to include gender, classes (more classes to be announced!), 5 hairstyles, 5 hair colors, 5 faces, facial selection preview, armor preview, and animation previews. The next version of character customization will allow players to edit their body proportions using several sliders

Mobs & Factions – Players can now interact with different mobs and npcs of several different factions. Some will be friendly, while others will be neutral or enemies.

Crafting and Resource Gathering – A grid based Crafting system has been added allowing users to create items by going up to a Crafting Station and placing items in the grid. Crafting recipes will be released subsequently in later updates. Players can wander around the game world and collect resources from Resource Nodes and level up their resource gathering skill simultaneously. Resources despawn when they have been harvested and respawn again a bit later.

Player Housing – Functionality has been put in place that allows players to build housing using crafted materials. The system currently allows players to build anywhere in the game world. In future versions player housing will be restricted to certain zones.

Quad Tree System – A Quad Tree system has been added to split up the world and reduce the load on the game clients.

Loading in of mobs has been altered to reduce the big hit when a new node has been entered and the mobs inside are sent to the client.

Soft Targeting – A new targeting system has been implemented to add a more action-like feel to combat. A crosshair has been added and when an npc lies in the aim it will automatically be targeted for interaction or combat. More information on this to come.

PVP – Players can currently engage in PVP anywhere in the game world. This is only for testing, future version will restrict PVP to designated areas such as Arenas, Duels, and other battle zones.

Quests – Over 15 quests have been added to the game, though the current level cap is level 10.

These are only a few of the features added to the game in Prototype 2. There were also many back-end changes as well as dozens of bug fixes. Stay tuned for screen shots!

Forum Downtime

Due to the fact that we just finished transferring our files back over to the servers at CMS Zombie, the Dreamboat Games forum will be experiencing downtime for the next 24-48 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Project Infinity: Weekly Testing & User Feedback

Hey all,

Last weekend we decided (quite spontaneously) to begin allowing public user testing every weekend for the next couple of weeks. We believe that opening our service up for testing this early will give us a great idea of what you, the players, are expecting from Project Infinity. We want to welcome you to help us define Project Infinity and set the foundation for whats to come!

Last week we also added a new member to the team, his name is Alex. Some may know him from around the internet as “Virus King”. Alex will be joining the Dreamboat Team as a Designer and Community Manager, which puts him in charge of designing exciting new features and content for the game as well as bridging the gap between the community and the dreamboat team.

Below we will address the user feedback accumulated during our first test last weekend.

Q: “Fishing, Fishing quests, fishing gear, a little variety in fish.”

A (James): Fishing is a planned feature that just didn’t make it into the Prototype phase. There will be fishing, fishing quests, and fishing gear in later versions.

Q: “[Will there be] A bunch of interactive items and objectives [?] Turning over stones for forgotten loot by other players/monsters or just randomly generated loot, which is hidden in different places like in bushes, sand or under stones[?]”

A (Alex): “That would be cool, we could add events and quests so people need to dig things out and stuff.

And to create breakable objects, which can contain different type of stuff (not very quality, except at special events).”

Q: “Spread monsters out a little bit more. Sometimes it gets a little too crowded.”

A (James): This has been addressed in the latest version. Monsters spawn fewer and farther between

Q: “Time system, having a set amount of daytime, before it turns into night time, optionally it can have some times events like dark monsters spawn etc”

A (James): This is a planned feature that will make its debut in a later version.

Q: “Plants. Maybe we could “harvest” plants for their seeds, and have percentage chance that seeds will drop which can be used for food,questions or for new plants”

A (James): A resource gathering system is in the works but, whether or not the resources can be used for cooking or if there will even be a cooking feature has yet to be decided.

Q: “Being able to see who’s online apart from extreme activity on chat.”

A (James): All social features are still under development. For now use the following command to view who is online: /who. In later versions there will be Friend, Party, and Guild interface windows for all of your social needs.

Q: “Being able to have YOUR OWN home, or maybe an “institute” where players
on the various islands live, just to have ones own room.”

A (James): This feature already exists in the game but is still under development. In future versions there will be zones where players may build their own homes or rent/purchase homes built by other players.

Q: “Floating trees are apparently in the game: Photo proof —v”

Floating trees

A (James): Thanks for pointing this out, it will be addressed in the next version.

Q: “Some, (ONLY SOME) trees have this weird swaying ‘effect’ to it, that
when you come near it/walk away from it, it will change in size,
creating some sort of illusion.”

A (James): This is a bug with the trees and their Levels of Detail (LOD). As the player moves away from a game object, the object will be switched out for a billboard image to reduce load and increase performance. These settings will be edited for a smoother transition in the future.

I want to thank everyone who participated in our first test and would like to welcome all who will participating in the future. Your feedback is encouraged and will be taken into consideration.

– James (Creative Director/Producer)

Project Announcement: Project Infinity

Project Infinity has entered the next stage of development, Prototype 2, as of 9/11/2014.

Project Infinity is a 3D (M)MO Action-RPG with anime inspired characters set in a fantasy/realistic environment.

Some key features:

+ Action Combat – Either completely free action (like Dragon Nest) or clever use of soft-targeting (like Tera)
+ Up to 16 playable classes and beyond – The player may choose freely between each class at will (inspired by Eden Eternal). We planned for up to 16 but there are no limits.
+ PVP – 1v1 Duels, 1v1/2v2/3v3 Arena, 3v3/3v5/5v10/16v16 (any variation of 1-16 vs 1-16) GvG, as well as weekly/monthly/yearly tournaments & events
+ Guild specific quest-lines and events on an ever-changing guild board.
+ Player & Guild housing – Players can build or buy and furnish a house. Guild masters can choose from a variety of guild halls.
+ Engaging quests, huge immersive world to explore, cute anime-style characters, free-to-play (with cosmetic micro-transactions) and completely PLAY-to-WIN.

+ Oculus Rift Compatibility – Experience the game in full Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift headset.

As you can see, this game isn’t intended to be excessively innovative but the plan is to deliver unmatched user support & experience and just listen to the players and build a game they can enjoy for years to come. The underlying plan (and reason for anime characters) is to appeal to eastern markets (Korea & Japan) the biggest spenders on MMO games.

Project Infinity is the first title developed by our in-house development team, Dreamboat.

Dreamboat Team:
James (Jack) – Creative Director/Producer & Head Programmer
Alex – Writer
DMR Sound – Music & Sound FX

EchoSpawn Studios – Art (outsourced)
CrossRoad Studios – Art (outsourced)
CMSZombie – Web Development & Hosting (outsourced)

Our current development cycle which will bring forth Prototype 2 will span the next 4-5 months.